Thursday, December 30, 2004

The best in 2004

Resala CD Ver.2

I've started to design Resala CD ver.2 with my dear team in summer vacation, we did our best to design this version with higher performance and without any bugs, so we've challenged ourselves and we've tested it many times before releasing, we also so proud of it because we designed it from A to Z except the Quran program but we make great effort to get it from its producer, I'm so proud of my team their great desire to win ,to be better and the best their desire for victory.
What made me the happiest creature in the world is the "Dr.Sherif Abdel Aazim" Resala Manger when I've phoned him to know about the CD he told me that "He can't describe his great pleasure with the CD and he told me that it is the best CD in the Whole history of Resala it is well deigned, so attractive and with better performance, He asked me to thank all team members and he asked GOD to put it in "Mezan Hasanatna", and help us for all great success"
You can't imagine how happy and proud was I.
I remember to our friend Sameh " I can make it, I'll make it "
At last thanks a lot again my great team you are again a cause of my pleasure, I hope you are always.