Monday, March 02, 2009


The idea of the team, is always the point that makes me busy all the time thinking, recently I watched an episode for Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud "El Elm we El Eman", it was talking about the Japanese Miracle after the WWII, one of the most points he was pressing on how they believe in the Team idea, how they work in teams, how they learn their children this idea since they are in nursery, they like being in groups, working, playing, doing anything.
A month later, because I was a fan of "Kabtain Majed" which is in fact a Japanese cartoon, I found some of its episodes online, i watched them and found what was Dr.Mostafa was saying may be around 15 years ago is right, in that cartoon they press on the issue of the team work, u may be very talented but playing in team is the secret behind winning the matches, and loving the country is the huge team or group love.
They keep pressing on this point in a lot of scenes, when his master "Fawaz" asking him to keep lead his team, encourage them, help, play, to win.

Can u imagine that such an idea was behind what Japan reached now, none can imagine that, but this true, the question that is killing me, most of the years of my life, where are we from that idea, why we don't gather and having teams in all fields, in every place, why we became divided, everyone want to work a lone and love the idea of being the one, an obsolete idea, the way of working alone in anything is the idea of the 19th or 20th century, but now, all inventions and discoveries are done in teams, life became harder and larger than u face alone.

I believe such an idea is one of our solutions in Egypt, because it just depends on one material "people", and I think we have enough of this material in egypt :), In my field "Engineering", I see a lot of the examples of teams, they did well and every time they will combine, they can do great job, but and this the word behind every end of success in my Country, those people don't continue, each one of them goes in different road, he is not feeling the same when he was with his team, but he forget or try to, and try to convince himself he is better now.

A lot of issues stands against having these successful teams, but who said that achieving success is a piece of a cake, it is a hard hard work, days and nights, and before success may be we have failuers and ups and downs, but the team and the team only can help you to pass all that, you encourage yourselves and push the one who upset to pass his dipression and go run with the team again, believe me life with a team is different, you become a knight in a Battalion, fighting to reach your goal.

We need in Egypt projects to save these teams, to help them to proceed not to kill their hope, we need to give them hope to fly higher and higher with their minds.

At the end, I want to thank my team, that I enjoyed working with them for a long time, we may face problems now as I mentioned before, but the spirit of the team is lying beneath the ashes of the depression and upset, and all the shit of life, waiting to fire again in an endless flame, reaching all our goals, Rabena m3ana ya shabab isA